Chill Out Time Childcare work towards the Early Years Foundation Stage, which has play and child centeredness at the centre of its curriculum.

Play is a necessary part of child development. Play allows rich development in self-esteem and confidence. In addition to this, social, physical, intellectual, creative and emotional development, are all enhanced and further developed.

Chill Out Time Childcare aim to facilitate the children to plan play spaces where such development can take place. We extend children’s learning and development at their very own and unique starting points.

We aim to provide a variety of spaces, resources and challenges, whilst including well-balanced adult-led activity to support children in their play and development. We also encourage fun and freely chosen play which contributes to a good childhood.

In our out of school clubs we believe that children’s free time is their own time, and as an out of school club this time should be valued.

We believe that children’s play is vital to their learning and development, and believe that in all of our childcare services we offer, children’s play should be valued.