Chill Out Time Childcare aim to provide a quality, inclusive, service for children aged from three months and upwards through a range of services. We will ensure the development of a safe provision, with a varied activity programme, qualified and experienced staff, an equal opportunities environment, reflecting the values and ethos of the centres that we work in.

The service will promote participation of children through consultation and support and will endeavour to meet the social, working and training needs of parents.

Our services are committed to providing:

  • Care and play opportunities that take into account the safety of the children, including safeguarding the infants, children, and young people in our care.
  • Resources for the children to plan their own play opportunities.
  • Play opportunities that promote the child’s development, self esteem and confidence.
  • A staff team that is experienced and well trained, approachable and supportive towards children’s needs and the needs of their family.
  • Services that will follow legislation to date, for example, The Children Act 2004, 2006, Early Years Ofsted, Every Child Matters.
  • An environment where every child and their family are not discriminated against, regardless of any background.