Last academic year, in our out of school clubs we changed the way we recorded the children’s development due to new Ofsted guidelines.

We found that out of school club offered the children a lot of social opportunities, through friendships and turn taking. Physical play opportunities were very evident through outdoor play. The children also had lots of chances to be creative with arts and crafts, dance and role play!

We did keep observational records of the children in Early Years Foundation Stage, which monitored children’s development, through written records as well as photographs.

Our parents loved to see the photographs that captured this.

The older children felt a little left out, as these records were only required for 3-5 year olds!

When Ofsted announced that Out of School Clubs did not need to keep EYFS records anymore, we thought it would be wonderful if all the children could keep records of their own time in out of school club, and use their own diary to record what they have done, through words, pictures and photographs.

We gave each child a scrapbook, which they decorated and personalised to make their own. The children had entire control reflecting upon their time in out of school club.

In their scrapbook, they wrote their ideas, drew pictures, filled them with photographs, and recorded their own journey throughout the year.

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